The Winery

Arrive at the 20-acre wooded estate overlooking Holmes Harbor where stress simply disappears.

Walk past the bubbling fountain, through the arched doorway, to be greeted with enthusiastic canine affection by Vino de Wine Stane. Hear music, created by the multi-talented winemaker who displays as much complexity and character as the wines he makes. Drink in the dramatic stucco, wood and European tapestries, reflections of the family’s love for international travel and natural beauty. Surrounded by steel tanks and oak barrels, allow the active sounds and classic scents of a busy cellar to wash over you. Taste through an impressive line up of well-crafted wines. Once you’ve visited Holmes Harbor Cellars we think you’ll understand why we call our Pacific Northwest paradise… the Emerald Island.

Vineyard Spotlight

We source our grapes from only the finest vineyards in Washington state. Our current releases are made from grapes grown in the Yakima and Walla Walla Valleys.

Here is a profile of one vineyard:

Les Collines (The Foothills) Vineyard is one of the highest in the Walla Walla Valley with an upper elevation of 1,500 feet. Soil moisture and weather data are recorded around the clock and current weather is always posted on the website. This 200 acre vineyard is one of the valley leaders in minimal input farming with its own composting operation and extensive use of compost tea. It is internationally certified for Sustainable Farming by the IOBC and is certified as a Salmon Safe Vineyard. It has its own state certified nursery for experiments with and propagation of clones.