Meet Our Winemakers

Greg and Thresa Martinez, owners of Holmes Harbor Cellars, are the best definition of a perfect pairing. Blending art with science, together they create a distinctive wine experience for their guests.

A musician, a pilot, and poet, Greg heads up the winemaking duo. Schooled in enology through the University of Davis, they both are graduates of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Surrounded by California's most romantic wine region, it was during their college years that the couple met and fell in love over 20 years ago.

While with the Navy, Greg flew jets from aircraft carriers all over the world. He was also a commercial pilot with major airlines. These international experiences exposed him to the great wine regions of Italy, France, Spain, and Australia. His appreciation and passion for wine continued to grow.

Now, with Theresa a professional chemist and Greg an instructor for the Naval Reserve, the time was right for them to pursue their dream of building a winery on Whidbey Island. Truly a balanced partnership, the couple founded Holmes Harbor Cellars in 2005, and released their first wines in 2008.

They live at the winery's estate with their son Michael, Dachshund Daisy, Feline Agnus, Cockatoo Umberto, and Cockapoo Vino de Wine Stane.

Our Winery Dog, "Vino de Wine Stane"

Our "merle" colored, lovable Cockapoo pup looks as if she's splashed with wine. She's a blend of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle.

Vino isn't actually allowed to create the wines at Holmes Harbor Cellar—but she is a great inspiration to those who do!